Centrics is a Leading Odoo Gold Partner

Centrics stands among the elite 15% of Odoo Gold Partners worldwide, empowering organizations with bold, diverse, and resilient business solutions. We work with clients from across Asia, North America, Scandinavia, and Middle Eastern regions. We have a large pool of Odoo-certified professionals with knowledge in finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, hospitality, and professional services. Centrics works in close collaboration with Odoo Hong Kong to serve our clients with cutting-edge ERP solutions.

Our strength is in delivering innovation and automation via progressive software solutions built on the latest Odoo technology, accommodating business growth and operational excellence. Centrics stands out from the crowd with our bespoke solutions, implementation excellence, functional scalability, and formulation of technological solutions that help our clients succeed while meeting business objectives. Our proven approach, technical frameworks, and operational methodologies ensure your solutions are built to perfection with the synchronization of diverse systems and workflows into one unique ecosystem.

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How can Odoo Deliver Business 
Solutions to your Company?

Manage all Operations with only
One Business Software​

Odoo’s family of apps works together seamlessly, enabling streamlined automation between business operations and workflows. Track and monitor all processes, outcomes, and drawbacks in a centralized, online platform accessible from anywhere with any device.

Integration & Automation between Business Functions​

Odoo helps you align and connect multiple workflows and systems, delivering seamless data exchange and information synchronization. Its effective automation, exciting features, and scalable functionalities are built for a range of business applications and operating functions.​

A Comprehensive Solution with ​
Add-ons to tackle any challenge​

Odoo apps and the tens of thousands of free Community apps offer solutions for all business needs in a single, cost-effective and modular environment. You no longer need to go to extreme lengths to get different technologies to cooperate. ​

User-friendly Data Review & ​
Information Processing​

Transform complex datasets into visually appealing dashboards, graphs, and charts to help you identify significant trends, compare performance, and optimize operations. Odoo supports any operating system and has built-in mobile support.​


How can Centrics Help you?  

Optimized  Processes

Armed with a thorough understanding of your workflows, operations, and challenges, our mission is to optimize your business processes by configuring Odoo's default flows or building custom solutions specifically for your business.​